TVNZ / MKR Food Fight
Fling food at the My Kitchen Rules contestants in these interactive, synchronised banners.
Visa / Great travel
A banner campaign to encourage travellers to use their Visa card overseas.
TVNZ / Go Girls Quest Quiz
Match the quest to the Go Girl in these fun interactive banners.
BNZ / TotalMoney
A complete below-the-line campaign for BNZ TotalMoney.
Visa / The Muppets movie
Miss Piggy makes a guest appearance on Facebook for the Visa Platinum People app!
Vodafone / Sabato
A foodie themed DM piece from Vodafone to small business customers.
Focus RS / The fastest
A simple yet effective display unit and email for the launch of the Focus RS.
Strings Attached / Short film
A housewife vacuums up a pair of g-string panties from down the back of the couch.
Mrs Mafua’s Hat / Short film
A Palagi district nurse and a Samoan woman reach out to each other.