Mountain Dew / Beyond the Wall

The brief

Following the enormous success of the Mountain Dew Pinball Skatepark campaign in 2011, Mountain Dew New Zealand had a substantial challenge in front of them to continue the conversation with their highly competitive urban youth target. With the proposition that Mountain Dew is ‘the fuel to take your passion to the next level’ we wanted to engage our fan base by creating something new and something built especially for them.

The idea

With this campaign we took Mountain Dew fans on a journey like never before: Taking street art to the next level by busting it off the wall and into it 3D.

Check out the campaign – it’s live now at

The web tech

Collaborating with a famous Kiwi street artist, Kairau ‘Haser’ Bradley, we created some web-based technology that lets people make a piece of 3D street art and then drop it in any street, anywhere in the world using Google Street View. A $20,000 cash prize is up for grabs for the best piece of 3D street art created on the website.

The sculpture

We also enabled Kairau to make his piece of 3D street art for real. We teamed him up with technical wizards and the latest motion capture technology. Using this tech, Kairau’s movements were tracked with infra-red cameras as he created his three-dimensional ‘Haser’ bomb. 3D artists and a construction team then turned his concept into reality – a massive 4m long fibreglass sculpture of his design.

TVC and web videos

A TVC of Kairau and his crew dropping the sculpture in an alleyway in downtown Auckland went to air and played in cinemas, pushing fans to the Mountain Dew website.

Fans can also watch a series of behind the scenes videos of the making of Kairau’s 3D ‘Haser’ bomb on the website. Below is a 2 minute compilation of this online content.

The launch event and roadtrip

We kick-started this integrated campaign with a media launch party where TV and radio personalities, journos and bloggers got to see Kairau’s epic 3D sculpture in the flesh and try out the online technology themselves. Two lucky Mountain Dew Facebook fans were also given VIP tickets to the launch.

The sculpture and tech then continued on to a roadtrip around New Zealand to skateparks, shopping malls and cinemas, where our target market could get free Mountain Dew and try their hand at making 3D street art for a chance to win the cash.

Online display ads

Simple, hard-working banner advertising also played a part in driving our target to the site, along with YouTube pre-roll video ads playing our TVC.