Telecom Nokia / Coptercam

The strategy

With a very limited investment, our main objective was to launch the new Nokia Lumia 800 and get into the consideration set of the target audience – in their twenties to thirties and highly social. And we were also tasked with promoting the Nokia Lumia 800’s durability and impressive camera features.

With the whole country still on a high from the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup, we knew any scandal surrounding our national treasure would definitely have viral impact, especially with our target audience. Our strategy was to harness the power of the All Blacks for the launch of this new smartphone and get people talking in social media.

The idea

We came up with an idea to stage a spying attempt on one of the All Blacks private training sessions. We strapped the Nokia Lumia to a remote-controlled quadcopter and flew it over a rugby ground where the All Blacks were training.

We seeded news of the spying incident via the New Zealand Rugby Union and the official All Blacks Facebook and Twitter feeds – giving us a vast and varied reach.

A few hours later, we posted an update containing the ‘coptercam’ film. The All Blacks even confirmed the event themselves by commenting about it on their personal Twitter and Facebook pages.

It swiftly became the top video on YouTube and by that stage anyone who called themselves a real New Zealander had seen it. It appeared on TV3 news the next night for anyone who’d missed it.

The video and debate travelled around the world on the web. Then, just as the situation seemed to reach a head, we posted another piece of evidence from The All Blacks official social media channels – the ABs had the phone, it was still ok and they wanted to return it to its owner. For those on the hunt for an explanation, this phone now seemed to be the key.

And then it wasn’t long before the whole story was out. We revealed that everyone had been witness to an elaborate demonstration of a new smartphone – the Nokia Lumia 800 – that had filmed the whole video. Now everyone knew about the new smartphone with an awesome camera that was tough enough to survive a direct hit from an All Black.

As a finishing touch we wrapped up with some feel-good PR content on the kids we’d featured at the start of the video, who each got a brand new Nokia Lumia and got to meet their All Blacks heroes in person.

The results

In a population of 4 million, we reached an audience of 1.7 million people through Facebook and Twitter alone.

To date, we’ve had over 547,000 views on YouTube.

The story was picked up by all of New Zealand’s major TV and radio stations generating over $30,000 worth of earned media. Our viewership spanned the world – from New Zealand to Japan, the US, UK, France, South Africa, Australia, India and beyond.

And, most importantly, this became Nokia New Zealand’s “best performing smartphone launch ever”.