Countdown / What’s in my trolley?

The challenge

With 1.1 million active members, the Onecard loyalty programme provides Progressive Enterprises with incredible insights into the shopping habits of New Zealanders. But as the public become increasingly savvy to how valuable their personal data is, and increasingly wary of how companies are using that data, how can Onecard continue to provide enough incentive to keep new members signing up?

The strategy

We were tasked (by a confidential client) with coming up with a Onecard innovation for Countdown supermarkets that would help the programme continue to grow. We came up with a big, bold move to open up the Onecard data to the members themselves.

The idea

We came up with an online tool that gave Onecard members the ability to track and compare their grocery shopping. Members could login to see infographics of what they were spending on groceries, how much they were saving with their Onecard, and what kinds of groceries they were putting into their trolley. And they could also discover how their shopping habits compared to other Kiwis – either anonymously comparing their data with the rest of New Zealand, or with their facebook friends.

By sharing all this data, Onecard doesn’t just keep up with modern consumer expectations for transparency, but also provides a really innovative, useful new tool that works perfectly for Countdown’s ‘shop smarter’ brand strategy.