Burger King / The King’s Gift

Our strategy

With Burger King’s new premium Queen Size burgers launching alongside the existing King’s Collection burgers, we realised we had an opportunity to market the two together as a royal couple. It couldn’t have been a happier coincidence that another royal couple, Wills & Kate, were getting hitched at the very same time. The media frenzy of the Royal Wedding presented a golden opportunity for Burger King, and we had a perfect tie-in with our own delusional monarch – The King.

The King’s Gift

To honour the royal nuptials here in New Zealand, The King created his own royal couple…a burger combo comprised of the King’s Collection Streaky Bacon Steakhouse and the Queen Size TenderGrill.

And in time-honoured fashion, he also sent a wedding gift directly to Buckingham Palace: a specially engraved, commemorative dinner service fit for a future king and queen. Each piece of fine bone Royal Doulton china featured the regal coat of arms of the House of Burger King, with the Latin inscription of our motto ‘Have it your way’. The whole set was encased in a velvet-lined kauri chest.

We invited our loyal Facebook fans to follow the progress of The King’s gift online, posting a series of updates about its journey. In restaurants, we invited diners to follow the royal festivities on Facebook with a tray mat featuring our two royal burgers and a plate from The King’s dinner service.

The dinner service was the ultimate royal prank from our cheeky court jester, The Burger King, to the future king of England and his new wife.

The results

One piece of direct mail to Buckingham Palace reached 82,000 people.

National media also ran the story on blogs and radio stations, extending our reach.

And as part of a larger campaign, The King’s gift Facebook stunt contributed to the King’s Collection and new Queen Size burgers being well ahead of forecast sales.

The campaign was a Finalist in the PR/Experiential category, CAANZ Axis Awards, NZ 2012